From Pastor Salley


I’d like to thank everyone for supporting Annual “Hat Day” celebrated on Sunday, November 15, 2015, in honor of my birthday!  Your generosity expressed in the giving of greeting cards, gifts, and acts of love were absolutely breathtaking and highly appreciated.  As I often times say, “Redeeming Life is the BEST church family in all of the United States!” For this cause, I’m privileged and grateful to be in Christian fellowship with such distinguished and loving people of the Kingdom of God. You’ve repeatedly demonstrated love according to the Word of God, “Love one another with brotherly affection (as members of one family), giving precedence and showing honor to one another.” Romans 12:10.

Therefore, I earnestly pray that the Law of Reciprocity will yield the harvest of abundance in your life because of the acts of service and love you unselfishly demonstrated in honoring my special season!

Thank you!

In Christian Love,
Pastor Barbara A. Salley