The ministry was established in the basement of the home of Bishop Daniel and Pastor Barbara Salley as a weekly Bible study with his family of five in July 1997.  A few people other than the Salley family attended the home bible studies.  On the 1st Sunday of 1998, the ministry held its grand opening in a banquet hall of the Ramada Inn Hotel located in Oxon Hill, Maryland.  After the grand opening service, regularly scheduled Sunday morning services to include weekly evening bible studies were held in reserved spaces at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Waldorf, Maryland until December 1999.  The ministry relocated to White Plains, Maryland, and services were conducted there until November 2011, when we purchased land and erected our very own church building on the property of 7845 Port Tobacco Road, Port Tobacco, Maryland.


During the tenure of this ministry, the Lord has proven to be faithful and through His grace, the ministry has excelled in greatness.  There has been vast growth and development in the overall church programs as well as the congregants who have joined themselves to this young growing assembly. Furthermore, the ministry has been an influence and asset to the surrounding communities as a source in demand solely because of the excellence of the church ministries and its various business services made available to potential members, clients, and customers in need of such particular services.  The kingdom journey continues as the ministry is equipped, compelled, and determined to excel in the various dimensions of the kingdom mandate and call of God.  As the Lord provides the resources and the direction, RLMI will properly respond by working collectively to make the God given vision a reality with the Holy Spirit at the helm.

The vision is for an appointed time and it shall speak and not lie, tho it tarry; wait for it with expectation and anticipation.  Finally, RLMI is a Christian fellowship with a directive to trust and depend on God.  For we walk by faith and not by sight!

The church is recognized for its expression of Godly love, family unity, and the unadulterated teachings of the word of God under the facilitation of its Pastors; Bishop Daniel and Pastor Barbara Salley.