Welcome to the official site for Redeeming Life Ministries International, where we Restore Life and Honor Through the Word of God. Your visit to our site today is by divine purpose of our Lord Jesus Christ, and is here for your edification.

Our Logo

Redeeming Life is a force in its local community and abroad. Our logo encompasses the full mission, vision and purpose of RLMI, intricately designed on three pillars of our foundational belief:

The Bible: The “LOGOS” Written Word of God

The Cross: Man’s Redemption & Reconciliation With God

The Globe: The Harvest of the Great Commission

The Shield: Armor of Spiritual Warfare (Shield of Faith)

Pair of Hands: Prayer & Intimacy With God

Dove: The Holy Spirit (God’s Presence)

Communion: In Remembrance of Jesus Christ (Finished Work at Calvary)

Sword: The Quicken (Activated) Word of God

Our Colors

Purple: Represents “Royalty” The Priestly Order.

Gold: Represents “Wealth” Kingdom Prosperity.

Burgundy: Represents “Redemption” Ultimate Blood Sacrifice.