Hear Ye! Special Advisory (Father’s Day)

Hear Ye, Special Advisory!
Subject: Father’s Day Recognition!
As you know, this Sunday, June 17th, is officially known as Father’s Day. We, RLMI Ministries, are excited to conduct a special service purposed to honor and commend all fathers!  As a father, you’re cordially invited to join us in this very special fellowship and we encourage you to invite other fathers to come as well. Having your children and family to accompany you is highly welcomed for the experience will be most rewarding to all.
In recognition of the fathers who have departed this life, there will be a special presentation of acknowledgement. Additionally, to honor fathers, it’s requested of fathers to dress in black pants and white shirt, if your father is deceased; and black and red, if your father is alive. Thank you in advance!
“To God Be The Glory”