From the Pen of the Pastors

BishopandPastor_SidebySide_withLOGOPastor and I want to personally thank you for your unwavering devotion and commitment exemplified in supporting our church and its mission endeavors.  The celebration of seventeen successful years of ministry solely rests upon the competency of God’s grace and faithfulness which enabled our success, during this kingdom venture and journey of a life-time.
Pastor and I are elated to be entrusted with the missionary assignment that God has appointed to us as well as such an elite congregation of distinguished faith-partners who have joined our ranks to assist us.  As regarding ministry, God simply populated our lives with people for Him to fulfill His divine will.  Moreover, it’s an overwhelming opportunity and rewarding experience to unselfishly serve the Lord’s agenda and His beloved saints.  For us, nothing is more gratifying and fulfilling than to know we’re in the “Will of God” for our lives and actively participating in His choice of purpose for our lives.  We’re even more thankful that He chose you to serve in ministry with us!
Lastly, thank you for your acts of love especially presented to us in honor of our seventeen years of pastoral service and leadership.  May God’s grace embark upon your shores of life and bring you great favor and prosperity!
In His Grace and Kingdom Service,
Bishop & Pastor