An Expression of Thankfulness


Subject: An Expression of Thankfulness!
This expression is to communicate our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your unprecedented acts of love demonstrated to us, especially during the commemoration of our most recently held Pastor’s Appreciation Celebration. Your consideration and thoughtfulness articulated to us, in the forms of gifts and words of encouragement, are heartfelt and most appreciated.
Furthermore, we extend our earnest appreciation for the love, honor, and special gifts you bestowed upon Pastor Salley, during her recently sponsored birthday celebration.
Such acts of service and love you generously and continuously express to us are in compliance with the biblical ordinances and compliments for honoring those spiritual leaders of God’s Household of Faith. Therefore, it’s absolutely clear to us that our church congregation strongly advocates the Holy Bible as well as exemplifies its biblical principles. For this cause, we are eternally grateful for all that you do in honoring us!
Finally, it’s truly an honor, privilege, and pleasure to serve as your spiritual leaders. Therefore, please pray for us that we’ll succeed in accomplishing life’s many endeavors, as we purposely pursue the abundant life in the Word of God!
May God richly bless you in your many life endeavors!
In His Grace and Kingdom Service,
Bishop Daniel & Pastor Barbara Salley 
Bishops Seal