A Note From Bishop Salley


The church, as a whole, needs to be on the same page in this era of ministry and vision. We’re being summoned to pray and inquire of the Lord in this Year of Triumph! The fervent prayer of the righteous is guaranteed to produce profound results. Therefore, we need to be intentional in our efforts to access the next dimension of God’s greatness and divine favor for our lives. There is a call to prayer and revival.(2 Chronicles 7:14KJV)

For the next several weeks, we will study five (5) distinguished reasons why we should pray. This week we will study Reason 1:
  1. Prayer is a lethal weapon that unleashes the divine favor, divine purpose, and divine provision of God. (Matthew 14:15-21 )
Jesus illustrates these three things to us in Matthew 14:15-21. The disciples had a need to feed 5,000 people.   Jesus asked what they had – two fish and five loaves of bread. They said what we have is not enough to meet the need. In response, Jesus said to bring the fish and bread to him. We must exercise what Jesus taught us. He took it from them. He cannot do anything for us until we give it to him. Our job is to sit back and watch, knowing that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. Jesus took the fish and bread, and lifted it up toward heaven and blessed it, meaning divine favor. He then broke it; whatever I am supposed to do has a divine purpose. The divine purpose was to feed those that were hungry or had a need. Then Jesus gave the fish and bread back to the one he took it from. It was then dispersed to the rest of the disciples. They kept doing what Jesus did, braking the fish and bread and giving it to the people, never running out until the 5,000 were fed, representing divine provision.If we keep giving, God will keep providing to us. We can walk in confidence that God’s Word will not return to Him void but will accomplish the thing it was sent to do. God will always 100% fully support what he authorizes. When we pray, it is not mere words, it is a process and principle to God. God has equipped the church with divine purpose, favor and provision. The world is waiting for God to show up but He is within us. Our hands will not stop producing because of God’s divine provision. When we pray, we must follow the principles God has given us. Most importantly, we must first pray for atonement for ourselves before being able to pray for others. Psalm 139:23-24