A note about Bible Study


October 24, 2016
Subject: A Call To Study The Word of God!
Greetings, grace and peace be unto you and your distinguished household!
Brethren, please be advised this Wednesday’s Bible Study (October 26th) will be a general session and a most exciting one! All classes, with the exception of the youth and teens, will assemble in the Sanctuary for bible training.  Please support the ministry by your presence and participation.
As mandated in the Holy Scriptures, we as Christian believers are highly encouraged and instructed to study the Word of God and be prepared to facilitate it with accuracy and clarity, especially when openly or privately sharing it with others.  Furthermore, we’re encouraged to stand ready and assured to have an answer when others inquire about our faith beliefs concerning the written Word of God.
In attending weekly Bible Study, we’re purposely being equipped to fulfill that mandate of being ready to serve the Lord’s Kingdom agenda as one of his disciples. Likewise, our youth and teens are being academically trained in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it’s required of you as students and apprentices of Jesus Christ to join us in pursuing a “Journey of A Lifetime” in learning the Holy Scriptures. Please make the provision that will enable you and your family to assemble for these weekly Bible training sessions.
Thank you in advance!
Redeeming Life Ministries International
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