7/10/16 – From the Bishop’s Pen

From The Pen of The Bishop!
Summer Relaxed Attire During Church Services
The following is provided as a dress-code standard and guidance for maintaining good order and discipline in our regularly scheduled church services during July 17th – September 4th, which has been designated as a period for dress-down or summer relaxed attire.

In keeping with the decorum most appropriate in exemplifying holiness and godliness, within the order of our church services and the assembling of the RLMI congregation, we must be very sensitive and modest in the manner in which we attire ourselves. Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:12 that all things are lawful but not expedient. In other words, because we can exercise personal will in wearing clothing that exposes our body; such an act of personal will may potentially impair our Christian witness, especially if the presentation possibly offends others who may witness this personal appearance. Women ensure your presentation of dress alleviates the possibility of any body exposure in any fashion.  Likewise, men, be diligent in your review to ensure you’re not exposing the geography of your body. Both men and women, adorn yourself as a gift beautifully enclosed with the righteousness of Christ! In your attire and personal appearance, make every effort to bring glory to God to make His Name great!
Furthermore, as it relates to our spiritual walk with Christ, we should always make Him our center of focus.  We should never position ourselves so that our outward appearance brings more recognition to us than the gift of God that works in and through us. Ladies and gentlemen, during this relaxed attire period, please exercise discretion in your choice of clothing and assess your personal appearance to ensure you’re in good order and standing for The Master’s use. Business leisure or business casual dress is acceptable, not mandated.
Lastly, this ordinance of standard is not to be critical or offensive in judgment of character; however, it’s provided to communicate a standard of dress during the summer relaxed attire period to maintain the atmosphere and sacredness of our Worship Service.
Special Worship Service
A special assembly, prayer and revival service will be held on Saturday, July 23rd at 9:00 a.m. In honor of this occasion, the RLMI church family, friends and guests are cordially invited to attend. I exhort you to come hear an anointed Word that will encourage you during this time and season. Saints, we must stay connected to the Vine and have the Word of God planted in our hearts in order to be able to stand during these perilous times. Please note that there will be no Sunday morning service on July 24th.
In Kingdom Service,
Bishop Daniel B. Salley, Jr.
Bishops Seal